#NoHeatNovember: Natural Hair Roller Set

Flat Twist with Flexi Rod Set

To help with ideas for the No Heat November Challenge, here is a "minimal to no heat" style you could give a try on your natural hair. I will note, due to my hair being thick, I prefer to blow dry my hair first then roll it with the help of a few products from Delanda. But here are a few tips on roller setting your natural hair.

1. First things first, make sure you start with clean, tangle-free hair. Using Delanda's Are We Clear Clarifying Shampoo, you remove all product build up, and can do a second shampoo with Keep It Clean Moisturizing Shampoo to restore moisture. Then with the Intensive Care Protein Conditioner and a detangling brush or wide tooth comb, section your hair and detangle starting from your ends, working all the way to your root (scalp) while it is wet with the conditioner on. That helps to prevent breakage and is makes it easier for the brush or comb to glide through.

2. Apply leave in conditioner, such as Delanda Management Leave-In Conditioner. It is lightweight, keeps the hair moisturized and won't leave a residue on the hair.

3. Choose your rollers and alternate sizes. I prefer flexi rods. They are smooth in texture and the hair won't get caught on any ridges. You can also use smooth perm rods or hard rollers. Alternating the sizes helps with height and volume for your desired style but also is important if you have different lengths throughout your hair.

Perm Rod Set with various sizes

4. Section your hair into small sections. When preparing to roll each section of your hair, the section should not be larger than the size of your roller. Especially because you do not want to put too much hair on each roller. That will lead to longer drying time and even the possibility of your hair not drying at all.

5. Use a foam, such as Delanda Get Set Styling Foam, and/or a setting spray on each section prior to rolling. Now if you are rolling your hair after it has been blown dry, I suggest using a small but even amount of foam and cream moisturizer to roll the hair. If you choose to roll your hair from the blown dry state, do not over saturate your hair prior to rolling each section, it defeats the purpose of blowing your hair dry in the first place.

6. Tension is important. Now I'm not saying pull your brains out, but consistent tension will allow your hair to set and stretch properly around the roller. In cosmetology school they would say, "the hair should look like silk wrapped around the roller".

7. Sit under a hooded dryer or let your hair air dry. Although this is the No Heat November Challenge, I added an * because for some of us, we need a hooded dryer or blow dryer to help us get the desired results (and for time sake). So that is why we said minimal heat.

8. You want frizz-free hair! Make sure your rollers are thoroughly dry all the way through. That might mean 2 hour under the dryer, sleeping in them overnight or after 45 minutes to a hour under the dryer, carefully start to unroll one roller and see if it has formed a solid "S" shape or if it is a little droopy or wet still. If it's still damp, roll it back up, grab a book and give yourself another 30 to 45 minutes.

Hard Large Roller Set

9. Take down time! Carefully remove each roller and prepare to separate and style. You want to make sure to use a lightweight oil to moisturize the curls and add shine. If using Delanda Mend Nourishing Oil, squirt a dime size of oil in your hand, rub your hands together and that should be enough for 1/4 to half of your hair depending on thickness, then repeat. If you'd like something even more lightweight, because Delanda's Security Please Thermal Mist is a blend of lightweight oils, it can be sprayed all over your hair then you can use your hands to separate and style.

10. Lastly, continue to moisturize and protect your curls while working out and sleeping. Apply a lightweight oil to your curls 2-3 times a week and use Delanda Rejuv Growth Oil to moisturize your scalp and prevent dryness and/itchiness. Use a satin bonnet or scarf to keep your curls protected at night and to prevent frizz. I prefer the pineapple method (as seen below), pulling my curls to the top of my head and wrapping it with a satin scarf.

Pineapple wrap to protect curls

Whether short or long, there is a roller set perfect for you! Play around and have fun with it while keeping your hair heat-free (or minimal) and healhty! #noheatnovember

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