Length Check! Yep, It Works!

Top: 2018 vs. Bottom: 2019

Can we say R-E-S-U-L-T-S! Typically, one of the main questions I am asked by clients is, "How can I get my hair to grow?" It's easy, if you can commit to and trust the process. The picture above shows amazing results after 1 year! What was her Delanda go-to...Rejuv Growth Oil.

Fashion Stylist/Coordinator Ms. Nicole Rene (@passion4fashionweek) relied on protective styles, wearing wigs to not only change up her look at her convenience, but to give her natural tresses a break from the environment and her hands. Her trips to the salon (about every 3 weeks) consisted of a clarifying shampoo, deep condition treatments, a trim if needed, Rejuv Growth Oil , and finally braided down so she could apply her wig. She chose not to have it glued or sewn down so that she could oil her scalp with the