Hair Goals & Woes

One of the first questions I always ask new clients when they sit in my chair is what is their ultimate hair goal? Followed by, what is your hair journey that brought you here to my chair (i.e. problems, concerns, horror story…lol)? That then typically leads to a 10-15 minute conversation about a previous stylist nightmare or self-inflicted sabotage to their tresses. I then reassure them that they have now entrusted their hair to the best set of hands out here, who will nurture their hair to good health, however it is a group effort. Below I will list some of the top hair goals and woes that I have heard from numerous clients during my 20 years of being a hair magician.

GOALS: To grow my hair/get fuller and healthier hair/transition to being natural

WOES: Previous stylist trauma/YouTube University (Self-inflicted damage)/Split, damaged or over-processed ends