Hair Goals & Woes

One of the first questions I always ask new clients when they sit in my chair is what is their ultimate hair goal? Followed by, what is your hair journey that brought you here to my chair (i.e. problems, concerns, horror story…lol)? That then typically leads to a 10-15 minute conversation about a previous stylist nightmare or self-inflicted sabotage to their tresses. I then reassure them that they have now entrusted their hair to the best set of hands out here, who will nurture their hair to good health, however it is a group effort. Below I will list some of the top hair goals and woes that I have heard from numerous clients during my 20 years of being a hair magician.

GOALS: To grow my hair/get fuller and healthier hair/transition to being natural

WOES: Previous stylist trauma/YouTube University (Self-inflicted damage)/Split, damaged or over-processed ends

Most, if not all clients, want to grow longer, thicker, and healthier hair. The thing is they either do too much or too little. We sometimes do too much by always keeping our hands in our hair (twirling and touching it) and/or over manipulating it with combs, brushes, hair ties etc. Then on the other hand, some of us do too little, we don’t oil our ends or scalp, we don’t get regular trims, shoot some don’t even thoroughly comb through or detangle their hair. So, what CAN you do to encourage healthy hair growth:

o Oil your hair, focusing on your ends, and scalp at least 3 times a week. Using lightweight oils, such as DELANDA REJUV and MEND, helps to stimulate the follicles and nourish your ends to prevent breakage. These exotic blends of oils contain Avocado Oil, which penetrates the hair shaft to moisturize the hair; Rosemary essential oil, which is used to stimulate hair growth and reduce inflammation; and Ginger essential oil, which reduces hair loss and helps to stimulate growth by improving circulation.

o Trim your ends, regularly, to help get rid of split and damaged ends. What is regularly? Every 3 months if your hair is healthy. If you have damaged or split ends, your best bet is to cut them off at the healthiest point so that the strand does not split further, and your hair can get proper nourishment. You cannot repair split ends. I repeat, you cannot repair split ends.

o Limit the amount of heat you use on your hair. I understand that we like to present our absolute best self on a daily basis, especially if you work in a professional setting. While we always want our curls to be impeccable and our edges to be laid, what is most important is that we have healthy hair. Too much heat from blow dryers, curling and flat irons and hot rollers, can cause heat damage, fried ends, split ends and breakage. If you like to wear your hair in curls, use rollers or flexi rods at night to hold your curls, or pin curl your hair if you can’t sleep with rollers. Also, alternate your style every couple of weeks. Maybe use heat styling one week, then the next wear a protective style for the next two weeks.

o Brush/Detangle your hair daily/weekly but most important PROPERLY! How do you properly detangle your hair? For my naturals, I highly suggest detangling when your hair is wet. If you don’t feel like fully shampooing your hair, wet it with water and use DELANDA Intensive Care Protein Conditioning Treatment to provide a great slip that will help ease the tangles right out. My favorite tool to use is the detangling brush shown here, the teeth of the brush separate which helps to reduce pulling and breakage.

o Do NOT make every YouTube hair tutorial you watch as the law for your hair. While many of the individuals we watch on YouTube are amazing at sharing tips and tricks on the latest hair products, styles and concoctions, we must understand that most of them are experts at doing THEIR HAIR!! So of course, they have found tried and true products and go-to styles, and we are so appreciative of them sharing their insights with us on what worked for them. Just remember, just because your hair may look like theirs, does not mean what they used or did to their hair will work for you. We all have different hair stories, different internal factors, as well as different environments we live in. All that plays a factor in our hair. It is okay to try new products and styles but be aware when it may be time to seek a professional, especially before you ever think to do a chemical process on yourself.

Below, share your Hair Goal and what you are doing to achieve it or your Woe and how you overcame or plan to overcome it. If you have a hair question or need product suggestions, ask away. I’m here for all your hair needs. Let’s Talk Hair!

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