Delanda Pro: Picks & Tips

Meet Delanda Pro, Tamika Patterson, owner of

T. Niko Salon in Indianapolis, Indiana. She is a licensed stylist with 15 years of experience. With a specialty in natural hair blowouts and custom wig construction and installation, Tamika has had the opportunity to work with one of Indy's own top hair companies. She has also had the chance to collaborate with producing remarkable styles and wigs for hair shows, fashion shows, and photo shoots.

We asked Tamika a few questions about her favorite Delanda products, hair tips, and more. Check it out!

1. What is your favorite Delanda product(s)?

"My favorite Delanda go-to products are the Management Leave-In Conditioner and Security Please Thermal Mist. I love how soft the conditioner is and how well it detangles the hair, and I love the shine the Thermal mist to the hair."

2. What are a few tips you can give to our readers?

"The most important part about doing blow outs on natural hair is maintaining the hair's integrity while performing thermal services. You should also allow for the hair to be put in protective styles, such as twist outs in between blow out services.

3. What is the most ridiculous hair myth you have heard?

"The most ridiculous hair myth I have heard is don't wash your hair with shampoo and it will grow better."

4. What is your holiday go-to style?

"My go-to holiday look is a sew in install of any kind. It's versatile, will last through the holidays, and give your hair a break from the frigid, cold air."

You can catch up with Tamika on Instagram @tnikosalon , check out her website or schedule an appointment with her at

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