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Meet Delanda Pro Malika Brown, a.k.a. The Hair Growth Coach, an Ohio native and owner of Studio Be Glam Salon in Lakewood, Ohio. As her name states, she specializes in healthy hair growth and hair loss. Being in the industry since 2009, her passion for hair loss and growth developed from dealing with clients who experienced hair loss as a result of chemotherapy treatments. You can also find her backstage and creating captivating looks for editorial shoots. She currently serves as the Lead Hairstylist for Ohio Fashion Week.

We asked Malika a few questions about Delanda, hair tips and more. Check it out below.

1. What is/are your favorite Delanda product(s)?

"Management Leave-In Conditioner. I use this on all my clients who have thicker hair. Sometimes a spray leave-in does not provide enough moisture, especially to the ends of the hair. I also, love the Security Please Thermal Mist. This is a must for every client. Because of its lightweight shine it is a perfect finish to any style."

2. What 3 tips on healthy hair growth?

" First, trims are necessary to length retention. Second, a healthy scalp is a must in order to achieve optimal growth. Finally, Understanding your texture(s) is key to creating the right product regimen."

3. What is the most ridiculous hair myth you have heard and give us the fact?

"That co-washing replaces the normal shampoo routine. Your hair and scalp need to be cleansed regularly to remove product build-up and impurities that come from the environment. Co-washing can be a useful technique to extend a natural style, but it can never replace actually using a cleansing agent."

4. What is your holiday go-to style?

" My holiday go-to style is a nice roller set. You can create many styles from a simple roller set. For holiday parties, you can do an up-do and as the style gets older it can still look really good, and will not require much, if any, additional heat."

To learn more about Malika Brown, The Healthy Hair Growth Coach, you can follow her on Instagram @malikabglam , Facebook @Malika Brown, or check out her website

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